Juiced.GS goes 3D

APRIL 1, 2011 — WORCESTER, MA — Hot on the heels of having published its first-ever full-color cover, Juiced.GS publisher Gamebits has announced the next step in the evolution of the longest running Apple II publication in print.

Apple 3D
See the Apple logo from angles
never before witnessed in

“Starting with the June 2011 issue, Juiced.GS will be in 3D,” said Ken Gagne, the magazine’s editor and publisher. “Retrocomputing enthusiasts will enjoy the special effect of watching images of their favorite computers come to life like never before.”

This three-dimensional accomplishment capitalizes on an emerging trend in home entertainment but without the need for filters, glasses, or other cumbersome and expensive accessories. Courtesy a patented technique Gagne isn’t yet revealing, readers need simply turn the pages of Juiced.GS and watch as the enclosed imagery practically “pops up” before their eyes.

The 3D effect, which will imbue all the magazine’s hardcopy pages, is one of many features representative of Juiced.GS‘s commitment to its format.  “With so many print publications moving online, we’re dedicated to going in the opposite direction,” said Gagne.  “In fact, we’re just going to get printier and printier.”

Starting at KansasFest 2011, subscriptions to Juiced.GS will be available for the low cost of $20 per issue. Readers can ensure a life-long supply of news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos by making an endowment to Juiced.GS, with prices varying based on the reader’s age. A Juiced.GS app for the Apple II-phone is also in development.

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