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SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 — LEOMINSTER, MA — Gamebits, the publisher of Apple II print publication Juiced.GS, today announces two new online resources to provide retrocomputing enthusiasts with timely, engaging content.

Retro Roundup is a curated RSS aggregator of retrocomputing feeds. Whether you want to keep abreast of the latest news or are looking to discover new podcasts, Retro Roundup collects headlines and summaries from across the Internet and connects readers with the sources. Over 3,700 posts have already been collected from over 140 publishers, spanning such platforms as Apple II, Atari 800, and TRS-80; sources including news, blogs, vendors, and conventions; and the formats of reviews, podcasts, and YouTube videos. Categories can be mixed and matched to find specific types of news, such as Apple II blogs, Atari podcasts, or C64 game videos. More sources and content are being added every day, and creators are invited to submit their own sites for inclusion. Visitors can subscribe to these aggregate RSS feeds or sign up to receive weekly updates via email.

Retro Roundup screenshot
Retro Roundup is your one-stop shop for retrocomputing news.

“With the lead time of a quarterly print publication, Juiced.GS is rarely able to cover fast-breaking news in a timely fashion,” said editor Ken Gagne. “Now, while our magazine writers and editors are preparing each issue’s in-depth reviews, interviews, and tutorials, readers can whet their appetite with daily updates from Retro Roundup.” is a URL shortener that was also developed to complement Juiced.GS‘s mission. Links to the Internet Archive, YouTube playlists, and other websites are often cumbersome and unmemorable, making them difficult to share in print or on social media. solves this problem by letting users create short vanity URLs to their favorite Apple II-related content. Only domains on an approved whitelist can have their links shortened, ensuring that links will lead to content relevant to Apple II users. Users can submit domains to be whitelisted, and Apple II websites submitted to Retro Roundup will also be added to screenshot
Make your Apple II URLs memorable and easy to share with

Both Retro Roundup and are available immediately for free and public use. No registration is required.

Juiced.GS is the world’s longest-running Apple II print magazine, in publication since 1996. Subscriptions for 2018 are currently being accepted at $19 each for United States customers, $24 for readers in Canada and Mexico, and $27 for international customers.

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