Juiced.GS in 2022, PDF & book sales

Computers run on ones and zeroes, but good writing is built on the rule of threes — and Juiced.GS is no exception. In our history, we’ve had three editors, three associate editors, and three publishers. From 2007 to 2013, we tripled our number of subscribers; from 2012–2019 was another triplication; and 2013 to 2021, we have three times as many readers again. And next year, we’re going to take the first three powers of three — 30, 31, and 32 — and multiply them together to get 27: the 27th year of publication of the world’s longest-running Apple II magazine!

This number… it speaks to us.

That’s right: Juiced.GS will continue to print throughout 2022! New subscribers can sign up today for a subscription starting immediately or in 2022 at our same great prices: $20 in the United States, $25 in Canada & Mexico, and $28 everywhere else. Existing subscriptions will automatically renew on January 1, 2022, also at these rates. Subscription status can be confirmed by logging into your account in the Juiced.GS online store.

To celebrate our longevity, we’re offering three sales throughout the month of July and while supplies last: first-time subscribers who sign up for a 2021 subscription will get a bonus copy of our 100th issue from December 2020. That’s five issues for the price of four!

The PDF editions of our back issue bundles of volumes 1–10 and volumes 11–20 are each 20% off. $64 will get you 10 years, 40 issues, and over 800 pages of Apple II reviews, interviews, and how-tos.

And Steve Weyhrich’s book, Sophistication & Simplicity: The Life and Times of the Apple II Computer, is on sale: autographed hardcopies are just $10 plus shipping — or get it with the ebook for $25 plus shipping.

The staff of Juiced.GS looks forward to providing the Apple II community with another year of news, features, and tutorials. Apple II Forever!