Opus ][ updated with ORCA/C v2.2.0

Since 2015, Juiced.GS has been privileged to partner with Mike Westerfield of The Byte Works to make available his complete collection of compilers, utilities, and programming tutorials. Opus ][: The Software includes developer tools such as ORCA/C, ORCA/Modula, GSoft BASIC, and HyperLogo, as well as end-user applications including Quick Click Calc and Quick Click Morph; while Opus ][: The Source contains the source code for everything in the Software collection.

Fast forward to KansasFest 2023, when Stephen Heumann used The Byte Works’ source code to release a new version of ORCA/C. This update fixes hundreds of bugs, improves lint checking and debugging features, and more. Heumann’s v2.2.0 is available for free in GitHub as an update package that must be applied to The Byte Works’ v2.1.0, the commercial product included in the Opus ][ set.

Now, with permission from both Heumann and Westerfield and in collaboration with David Schmidt, Opus ][ has been updated to include Heumann’s ORCA/C v2.2.0. For the first time ever, you can get the latest version of ORCA/C in one convenient collection without requiring separate updates or patches.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to update all of Opus ][‘s disk images for compatibility with modern emulators, replace a GS-20 Toolbox C.pdf file that was previously incomplete, and make other minor improvements.

The updated Opus ][ collections — featuring 35 commercial applications, 16 unreleased applications, and over a million lines of code, all of which originally sold separately for US$1,680 — are available for the same great price as always: The Software and The Source are $25 each, or $40 from both, with instantaneous download access. (CD & USB formats are also available for an additional fee.)

If you have previously purchased Opus ][ from Juiced.GS, it’s a free upgrade to get the new versions! You can find them in the downloads section of your online store account.