Friends For Life


The Friends For Life CD includes all software and Apple II-compatible scans of all issues published by Juiced.GS in its first six years.


Friends for Life collects the Shareware Spotlight quarterly floppy disks produced by Juiced.GS in its first six years. Almost all Apple II software published from 1995 to 2001 is included on this CD, as are GIF images of each page of the first six volumes of Juiced.GS (24 issues in total). (A previously separate CD, Friends For Life II, has been combined into this single disc.)

Please note: the contents of the physical CD are 100% compatible with the Apple II. The CD itself can be mounted in Apple II emulators, but the Apple II program files are stored in ShrinkIt, not disk image, format. If you are looking for these Juiced.GS back issues in PDF format, please see this bundle.

Purchasing the digital edition of this product will require you download a 276 MB file. Please be sure you have a reliable Internet connection and space to store your purchase. A purchase of the physical CD includes immediate access to the downloadable disk image as well at no extra charge. We are not currently shipping CDs outside the USA.

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