Golden Gate — cross-platform compatibility layer for ORCA and GNO/ME


Golden Gate is a compatibility layer for ORCA and GNO/ME command line programs to run text-based IIgs programs as if they were native.


Golden Gate by Kelvin Sherlock is a compatibility layer for ORCA and GNO/ME command line programs. With Golden Gate, you can run many text-based ORCA or GNO shell programs (including the ORCA/C, ORCA/M, and ORCA/Pascal compilers) as if they were native to your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine, enabling cross-platform development of Apple IIgs applications. Use your favorite text editor (or IDE such as Xcode) to build and compile faster than ever!

This product includes GNO/ME development headers and libraries, as well as a selection of useful GNO utilities for development and native interoperation (chtyp, ls, lseg, nroff, printenv, mkobj, getfileinfo, prefix); macOS and Windows installers; and PDF and man-page documentation. Users will be added to a GitLab repo to receive source code and updates. ORCA compilers are not included and are sold separately as part of Opus ][: The Software. If you own Opus ][: The Software from The Byte Works, Golden Gate can extract and install files from that volume into your development environment.

Golden Gate is designed to work on Windows 10 (32-bit binary) or later with NTFS; MacOS 10.10 (64-bit) or later on a case-insensitive HFS+ volume; and any modern Linux with gcc 6 compiler (case-insensitive JFS file system recommended). The changelog is available at Gitlab.

This product is neither developed nor endorsed by The Byte Works.

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