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Completing the Juiced.GS collection

About this time a year ago, collections of Juiced.GS back issues were donated to museums and institutions around the world for archiving and distribution. Although at the time Juiced.GS had published 63 issues, we were able to donate only 39 of them, as the first six years of Juiced.GS had gone out of print.

In the time since then, the third and current publisher of Juiced.GS received from the magazine’s founder the original masters used to produce the initial print run of those six volumes. We handed them over to the Apple II community member with the best reputation for producing high-quality digital reproductions of print material: Juiced.GS staff writer Mike Maginnis of Apple II Scans. Using those masters, Maginnis created PDFs suitable for physical reproduction, bringing Juiced.GS‘s first 24 issues back into print.

Those hardcopy issues have now been shipped to the organizations that had previously received the magazine’s more recent volumes, completing their collections. All 66 issues of Juiced.GS to date are now available from these institutions and will be for as long as their hosts continue to exist.

Although Juiced.GS still sees a long and healthy future for our role in the Apple II print industry, we are heartened to know that every issue we will publish and have published will leave an indelible mark in the history of the Apple II, courtesy the work of these generous curators and preservationists.

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Volume 15, Issue 2 now shipping

Volume 15, Issue 2 (June 2010)
Volume 15, Issue 2 (June 2010)

It’s the last day of second quarter, which means if this news hasn’t come out by now, it has to be today: the June 2010 issue of Juiced.GS is now shipping!

The cover story of this twenty-page issue is a review of the FC5025, a controller card that lets a 5.25″ floppy disk be connected to a modern computer via a USB interface. Given that this storage medium was phased out around the same time USB was created (1996), it’s amazing that it’s only in 2010 that a commercial product bridging the two technologies has become available. Mike Maginnis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of this new device.

I didn’t want to represent this story on our cover with a shot of the actual hardware, as we’d published a similar cover in March when Mike reviewed the iDisk. Mike and I both had some great and creative ideas for the cover, but life conspired against us. I think what we ended up using is pretty fun, though I’m wondering how many readers will notice the floating laptop.

Other stories in this issue include Martin Haye’s tutorial for using his Super-Mon programming utility; Ivan Drucker’s opinion piece on the growing divide between users and programmers of Apple products; and the second in a five-part series on transferring files between the Apple II and other computers. Our thanks to Cabel Sasser at Panic for letting us use a still from a cool video they shot last month. (Their FTP client is pretty sweet, too!)

Despite having only four feature articles, this issue’s content was contributed by seven staff writers and seven readers — the latter in the form of letters to the editor. I can’t remember the last time we had this much feedback to publish, which probably means it hasn’t been during my four-year watch as editor. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Juiced.GS‘s readers more personally and hope to continue hearing from you, either on the blog, via mail or email, or next month at KansasFest.

Enjoy the issue, and check out the online issue links for related online content and resources!