Juiced.GS to publish in 2019; new Concentrate PDFs

JULY 20, 2018 — LEOMINSTER, MA — Juiced.GS, the world's last and longest-running Apple II print publication, will publish its two-dozenth volume (issues #93–96) in 2019.

"We've always promised we'll print Juiced.GS as long as there's Apple II content to cover, writers to cover it, and readers to read it," said publisher and editor-in-chief Ken Gagne. "In the past few years, those variables have evolved into constants. New Apple II products and developments happen every day, ensuring plenty of new material. Our stable of freelance writers has grown, representing the diverse voices in our community. And 90% of our subscribers have converted to automatic renewals, introduced in 2015. With so many retrocomputing enthusiasts looking forward to each issue of Juiced.GS, of course we'll keep going!"

Juiced.GS will publish four quarterly print issues in 2019 at $20 for customers in the United States, $25 in Canada and Mexico, and $28 for international. These prices represent an increase of $1/year, or 25¢/issue — the first domestic rate change in nine years, and the first increase for all other subscribers in six years.

2019 subscriptions and renewals are available immediately. Customers who have previously purchased a subscription that automatically renews need to do nothing; their accounts will be charged on January 1. (An active subscription status can be verified by logging into one's online account.)

Apple II enthusiasts who are curious about Juiced.GS can subscribe to the email newsletter to receive a new, free sample issue with 20 pages of content from the past five years of the magazine.

Additionally, the line of Juiced.GS Concentrates is expanding for the first time in three years. These PDFs collect themed content from previous issues of Juiced.GS into one bundled file, marking the first time some of these articles have been released digitally. The new Concentrates cover five diverse topics:

  • BBS: Here's everything you need to know about connecting to a telnet bulletin board system or even running your own, as well as a review of the WiModem232. It also includes a review of BBS: The Documentary and an interview with its creator, Jason Scott.
  • Education: The Apple II gained much of its fame in the classroom, where its effects can still be felt. This PDF is a reflection on the Apple II's longevity in the classroom and how modern students respond to such classics as The Oregon Trail and VisiCalc, as well as how the Raspberry Pi might serve as a modern equivalent for teaching programming.
  • Raspberry Pi: This affordable microcomputer makes an excellent Apple II peripheral. An introduction to A2SERVER, a review of the Apple II Pi, how to use the Pi to run a BBS, and what today's students could learn from the Pi round out this PDF.
  • Apple-1: The precursor to the Apple II, the Apple-1 is also alive and well. From replica models to soldering experiences to convention appearances, the Apple-1 is everywhere in this Concentrate.
  • The Oregon Trail: The seminal edutainment title has seen multiple adaptations over the years. This PDF reviews a theatrical play, a handheld game, and a card game; examines how today's students interpret Oregon Trail; and also goes behind the scenes of Melissa Barron's hack, 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L.

These PDFs are available immediately starting at $5, with more Concentrates to come later in 2018.

"Juiced.GS covers exciting new projects, interviews movers and shakers, and tells the stories of this amazing computer," espoused associate editor Andy Molloy. "The Apple II is alive and well, and I love being part of this journey."

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